Hydrow Rowing Machine Review

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Living a comfortable and healthy lifestyle seems to be a more challenging task than one might think. Depending upon your busy day-to-day schedule, carving out your time to hit the gym or fitness class can be a next to impossible thing.

Paying your hard-earned money towards working out never seems fun. And a gym membership appears to be a costly way to burn your calories and make yourself healthy. Having all that in mind, owning a high-quality rowing machine with advanced and interactive features could help give you an immersive experience, make your workout more enjoyable and motivate you to actually workout.  And if that isn’t enough, rowing is considered to be a more efficient and full body workout when compared to running or cycling.

Benefits of Rowing As An Exercise

1. Improves Muscle Strength

A rowing machine helps you to improve your upper body strength and stamina. It is even said that a rowing machine workout helps people with spinal cord injury regain muscle strength.

2. Low-Impact and Low-Risk Activity 

Those who are suffering from knee joint pain or arthritis, rowing can be the best choice if you don’t have a pool handy. Performing a workout on a rowing machine helps to reduce the chances of knee injuries since you are bearing your body weight on those joints.. 

4. Burn Fat

While working out on a bike will burn more calories than working out on a rower, a rower uses more resistance and will allow you to burn calories long after your workout is complete. 

6. Ensures Full-Body Workout

Rowing exercises target your hamstrings, biceps, chest, quadriceps so that you can get a full-body workout with one machine. Each stroke is 60% lower body, 20% core, and 20% upper body. You can’t get that from running or cycling.

But is it worth owning a rowing machine at home and will that help you achieve your health goals? We will dive deeper into this with  an in-depth review  of  the rowing machine and workouts and outline its features to find out if the Hydrow rowing machine is a good  fit for you and your workout goals.

What is a Hydrow Rowing Machine?

The Hydrow is a simple rowing machine that gives you an interactive and real outdoor rowing experience from within your home.

It comes with a 22-inch touch display to give you an immersive experience and make you feel like you’re out on the water. Here are some cool factors that make this hydrow different from others:

  1. The Hydrow has a library of workouts to match your fitness goals. 
  2. In addition to rowing , there are yoga, pilates, and strength training workouts to complement your rowing.
  3. The design of the Hydrow  helps to build an authentic and immersive on-the-water workout experience
  4. The Hydrow  has an excellent leaderboard and active community that allows users  to row with or compete against one another.
  5. The Hydrow offers real and live outdoor experience by live streaming and on-demand workouts.

In addition, the rowing machine has in-built wheels, so you can easily move  it out of the way you are not using it.

Features of the Hydrow Rowing Machine 

Let us have a look at the most important features of the Hydrow rowing machine:

  1. Integrated touch screen through which you can tilt in various directions to get a clear view
  2. Elegant and sleek design.
  3. Racing mode that allows others to participate and compete with other users.
  4. All exercise modules come with music to help you pace yourself to  the rhythm of the workout
  5. The progress lab allows you to track all your performance, including history and improvement
  6. Comes with a six-year warranty along with a 30-day free trial

Benefits of Using the Hydrow Rowing Machine 

1. Diverse Range of On-Demand Workouts

It has a variety of workouts to choose from. The Hydrow has many live and on-demand workout options that let you select whatever suits your mood.

2. Lightweight and Easy to Move

The Hydrow is lightweight for a rowing machine and comes in at a sleek  145 pounds and can safely accommodate a rower weighing up to  375 pounds, which is far better than other rowing machines.

3. Quiet Machine with Electro-Magnetic Resistance

Unlike other rowing  machines, the  Hydrow is super quiet due to its electromagnetic resistance, which is a perfect solution for early morning workouts and apartment dwellers.

4. Creates a Team and Community Atmosphere

With this dynamic rower, you will get a fantastic team experience because it allows you to feel that you are part of a team and that you are not alone during your hard workouts.

5. Offers a Real-Life Rowing Experience

You will get a real outdoor experience with real-life sounds and impressive visuals to connect to nature and to feel like you’re truly in the water.

How Does Hydrow Work?

The Hydrow rowing machine comes with a patented technology to deliver a smooth and effective rowing workout. With the help of an electromagnetic and computer-controlled resistance system, and 10-roller system seat, it will give you the feel of a real-life outdoor rowing experience.

The Hydrow is both  a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled and comes with a large, high-resolution screen to provide interactive features to its users with a variety of workouts from which to choose.

The Hydrow rowing machine also has an application for your phone. . Thе app will help you check your real workout progress, and you can even use this app if you don’t prefer to buy a rowing machine.



  1. Extensive library of workout content
  2. Offers a variety of race challenges and live classes
  3. A crisp and large (22’’ ) display to give you a real and live outdoor water experience
  4. Powerful, quiet, and well-designed rowing machine
  5. A modern and sleek design
  6. Made with an industrial-grade webbed rowing strap to make each stroke smooth and silent
  7. 10-roller system to give you comfort throughout workouts
  8. Wheel system to help  you to move the machine for storage


  1. Expensive as compared to other traditional rowing machines
  2. Cannot t play your favorite music
  3. A limited selection of workouts without a subscription
  4. The cost of class membership is extra

Hydrow Rowing Machine Pricing

This Hydrow rowing machine’s price is $2,245, which is one of the most expensive rowing machines on the market. They do offer financing for $63/month for 36 months.

The company also gives you a 30-day free trial. If you are not satisfied with their product, you can return it and get a full refund.

Is Hydrow Worth It?

Yes!! It’s definitely worth it!

This machine offers live workouts, in-demand classes, quiet performance, and many other impressive features that will make you fall in love with rowing and your workouts. And while there some extra on-going expenses for you to get the full Hydrow experience, this is a common model with many other interactive home gym equipment.  

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